Best Buy Credit Card


Are you a big fan of Best Buy? Many people get a feeling of exhilaration by stepping between those signature sliding doors. Maybe it comes from the bright blue and yellow color scheme, smiling employees, or the fact that there is technology from wall-to-wall. Whatever the reason, Best Buy is a favorite place for many people when it comes to buying the next gadget, from cell phones, to video games, to computers, and everywhere in between.

For frequent customers, there is a reward zone card. This card offers money back on purchases based on a point system. This is something stores have been offering for a while now, from sub shops to clothing stores. It’s about time electronics stores caught on, right? Well, Best Buy decided to take things a bit further. You can actually get a Best Buy Credit Card with a built-in reward zone program. The Best Buy Credit Card comes in two forms, one dedicated to in-store purchases, and another that is more versatile. The other Best Buy Credit Card is a Master Card that can be used anywhere, and still offers reward points for purchases made elsewhere.

So, these two Best Buy Credit Cards probably sound pretty attractive to you, especially if you shop there and have been looking around for a new credit card. Well, you may want to look carefully at the offer. While a reward zone program may be nice, you shouldn’t buy a credit card based on getting five dollars back after spending 250. Of course, it isn’t very hard to walk out of a Best Buy store having spent 250 dollars. People march into electronics stores like Best Buy and leave with hundreds upon hundreds of dollars worth of video games, gaming systems, computers, cell phones, and huge flat screen televisions. In a year or two, you might be able to rack up enough reward money for a nice toy here and there if you use your card right. Of course, if you use the Best Buy Master Card Credit Card, then you get rewards points anywhere, and you’ll never know how fast you will accumulate your spending rewards. Still, you should make your choice carefully.

The bottom line for both of these cards is that they are designed to make you keep coming back to Best Buy, so they are more suitable for those who frequent the store. If you hop around for the best prices on electronics from vendor to vendor, then this card may not be for you. So, if you are still interested in getting a Best Buy Credit Card, you should also consider your credit. If you know you have lower credit, then the Best Buy Credit Card’s rates are designed for your needs. A smart shopper wants to know both sides of any argument, so you should know that both cards have a low credit limit. Not only that, but missing a payment can put you in jeopardy really fast. Protect yourself and read the fine print on any credit card offer. If you are confidant you can pay on time and pay in full with all of the financing offers the card gives you, then get yourself a Best Buy Credit Card. This card is a great way to repair your credit, if you can handle it.